Kelly Love

name My name is Kelly Love, I am an online writer of various topics and I also do findings on body pains. I want to share with you about my body pain problems I experienced in the past. At some particular periods in my life i was sufferring from pains sometimes at the neck, back or even the shoulder region. Whenever I try to get some sleep at night, I feel this excruciating pain and similarly, early in the morning, what wakes me up is this constant pain that sometimes makes me want to cry. The only solution i could get then were temporary reliefs.

As a result of this, I spend a lot on pills and injections on a daily basis, not until I came across the Alexander Technique from a great teacher. It thought me how to re-educate my muscles and use it the natural way so as to eliminate stress that causes fatigue on my muscles. It thought me how to beat stress, get back to being fit, and it also has a strength and balance program which is important for our body system, and so many useful tips and ideas i have learnt from the techniques that was helpful for a long term relief. The techniques are simple, quick to apply and surely reduces pain in seconds. I have been using these techniques for some time now and I find the result wonderful. To see the benefits and also how you can get relief from body pain fast, visit the review blog Relieve Body Pain In Seconds

What Causes Nighttime Shoulder Pain - Know the Techniques to Treat it This Year

01st September 2010
The cause of your nighttime shoulder pain is when the top of your arm pinches the superspinatus tendon which results to impairing blood circulation. This relational deprivation of blood and oxygen to the superspinatus leads to inflammation, which causes t... Read >

Permanently Treat Upper Back Pain Of The Lungs The Techniques You Will Need to Prevent It

20th August 2010
Back pains should be considered a serious aspect to care for. When these pains take place in the upper back, then it perhaps is a denotation of severe troubles in the respiratory system, particularly the lungs. Lungs are found in the rib cage adjacent to ... Read >